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Rolife Sweet Dream Bedroom DIY Plastic Miniature House DW009

Rolife Sweet Dream Bedroom DIY Plastic Miniature House DW009

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Rolife Sweet Dream Bedroom Miniature House DW009 features a classic layout of a typical daily sleeping space with a comforting tone of natural wood and creamy yellow. It creates an environment conducive to easy relaxation and peaceful sleep. There are various props to play and colorful illustrations, decorating a warm and elegant bedroom.
The sleeping area has an iron-style bed with removable bedding, accompanied by a nightstand with convenient opening drawers. A 360-degree rotating small mirror is on the table in the dressing area, and a spacious storage box is on the side of the vintage-patterned chair, providing a versatile grooming space. The most immersive element in the room is the openable drawers of the cabinets, allowing you to organize small items and personalize this inviting bedroom during assembly.


    • Difficulty Level:  5 level
    • Number of Pieces:  95
    • Assembled Size:  6.4*6.4*6 in
    • Assembly Time:  45min
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