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Rolife Bookstore DIY Book Nook Shelf Insert Kit TGB07

Rolife Bookstore DIY Book Nook Shelf Insert Kit TGB07

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In the city's center, there is a beloved retro bookstore called "Shakespeare's Bookstore." This magical place attracts all kinds of people, but especially Tom, who is already old. Old Tom is a loyal customer of this bookstore and has spent countless wonderful times here. Every time he steps into the bookstore, he is always attracted by the ancient, colorful window. He likes to sit on a large red velvet sofa in the corner, flipping through books, immersed in classic stories. In the reading corner of the bookstore, there are various scrolls of literary classics. Whenever Tom feels tired, he picks up a cup of fragrant coffee, rubs his eyes, admires the vibrant greenery, and then naps. Old Tom also likes to roam on bookshelves, each labeled with different types of books, making it easy to find his favorite reading materials. In one corner, there is a small storage cabinet, which contains various rare items. He always likes to search for some treasures there. For Tom, it's not just a bookstore but also a time tunnel that takes him back to the past.


    • Difficulty Level:  5 level
    • Number of Pieces:  194
    • Assembled Size:  7.9*4.5*8.7 in
    • Assembly Time:  3.5 hours
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