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The Garden House Villas, whose original intent came from an idyllic day awakened by gentle sunlight and blooming flowers, encapsulates the essence of this tranquil experience. Like brewing a fresh pot of coffee, Holiday Garden Villa invites you to immerse yourself in the simple pleasures of life. Open the doors and windows to welcome the embrace of nature and let the fragrance of flowers and the warmth of the sun take over the space. Careful decorations and attention to detail recreate a romantic atmosphere, enveloping the room in your cherished memories. Exuding a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere, embracing the rustic style of French rustic colors. Romantic arched doors and dimly lit prismatic glass evoke nostalgia, while the vintage staircase with its curved design adds a touch of elegance to this beautiful space. Bring the Holiday Garden House into your world and witness romance and serenity blossom!

Holiday Garden House - a gorgeous creation that embodies the essence of European floral charm, offering a translucent, refreshing, healing, comfortable and romantic space. Made of premium PET material, this exquisite miniature garden house is both transparent and bright, allowing the vibrant colors of 14 various flowers to shine through, embodying the allure of a French garden house.

Exploring the mysteries of the books displayed in the Holiday Garden House, the openable windows add a touch of whimsy to this miniature world, providing a fun and interactive element. The vintage home style exudes elegance and charm, accented by simple, old-fashioned basswood home furnishings. Every detail showcases intricate artistic effects, from the unique layering inspired by French floral art to the wisteria flowers that wrap around the top, adding a touch of natural beauty. Furniture used for floral art, monstera rugs and gardening tools such as watering cans and trowels create an authentic atmosphere. A plant guide hanging on the wall completes the immersive experience, allowing you to appreciate the art of gardening.

Expressing sincere and unique love.


  • Difficulty Level: 4 Level
  • Number of Pieces: 176
  • Assembled Size: 9.45*4.33*7.87 in
  • Assembly Time: 4-5 Hours
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